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JSC «Volchansk Footwear Factory» offers a broad assortment of specialized and working footwear for enterprises of heavy industry, coal mining and railway transport.

JSC «Volchansk Footwear Factory» has been maintaining a tradition of high-quality production since 1952, which enables the Company to apply both the up-to-date technologies in the field of working footwear and the experience gained for the previous years.
The whole range of the models being produced satisfies the quality and safety standards, which is attested by the certificates of conformance to the existing State Standards and regulations. Each of the models is manufactured from the materials of the highest quality.

JSC «Volchansk Footwear Factory» offers partnership to suppliers of raw materials and primary products as well as to heavy consumers of working footwear. For several years we have been working with

NJSC «Naftogaz Ukraini», JSC  «Mittal Steel Krivij Rig»,
the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations  of Ukraine.

The product offtake makes up about 1 mln. pairs per year. The Company executes orders both for Ukraine, Russia and other neighboring and distant countries.


Вниманию акционеров ЧАО «Волчанская обувная фабрика»
Річна інформація емітента цінних паперів за 2020 рік

Вниманию акционеров ЧАО «Волчанская обувная фабрика»
Річна інформація емітента цінних паперів за 2019 рік

Вниманию акционеров ОАО «Волчанская обувная фабрика»
Особлива інформація (інформація про іпотечні цінні папери, сертифікати фонду операцій з нерухомістю) емітента

For discussion the questions of partnership, contact us by the following address:

73, Orlova str., Volchansk, Kharkov Region, Ukraine, 62504

Phone: +38 (05741) 42-028, 093-123-13-23, 050-344-23-20

Phone/fax: +38 (05741) 42-083

Accounting: +38 (05741) 42-187

E-mail: spezinvest@i.ua

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